Epic National Anthems

A list of anthems I approve:

12.) Kazakhstan

Grows hair on your chest.

11.) USA

Very epic.

10.) Mauritania

‘cause screw other countries’ national anthems.

9.) Sierra Leone

Not the most original, but very well done.

8.) Montenegro

Very cool if not somewhat sinister sounding.

7.) Iceland

Very serene.

6.) South Korea

Showing that an anthem doesn’t have to be pomptuous to be good.

5.) France

The epitome of French. Also very catchy.

4.) Mongolia

The only national anthem with a guitar solo…

3.) Russia

Very epic. Very distinct.

2.) Prussia

Why would you need lyrics to tell you how awesome the people of Prussia were when you have a nice arrangement like this to say it for you?

1.) Israel

Simplistic, yet it’s culturally relavent to the people of it’s nation, and epic as to invoke a sense of nationalism.

Posted 2013-07-24 16:43:22 -0400